We are...

A company with the objective of creating pleasant, top-quality ambience for each room which people will enjoy. Comfort & design are prerequisites for feeling good and joie de vivre.

We offer exquisite design and quality along with our own label and as customer-oriented services. Through our own production and competent business connections we are in a position to fulfil every wish.

We also a reliable contact for the construction of top-quality, solid wood buildings. Upon request, we will be happy to supply the information you need.

Engineer Christian Zimmerl

an interior design engineer, master carpenter, designer and interior designer studied wood processing technology at the HTL Mödling and has been successful in these fields for years.

He performs the job with a love for his work. Besides his expertise with all kinds of furnishings, he has specialised in manufacturing top-quality and unique pieces of furniture. (See CZD Design®).
The company itself is well-established in the market and has attracted a varied clientele.

E. Anna Zimmerl

is our competent assistant in charge of all organisation tasks. She would be happy to answer your questions, process your enquiries and send you exhibition information.